Why join a sorority?

Many of us joined AΔE for individual reasons, but the short answer is: Friendship. In a sorority (or fraternity), you are committed to creating lasting friendships with a group of people. A majority of us find that Greek Life has allowed us to find a “chosen family,” a group of friends that are bound together like family, but the relationships are usually greater because we have chosen each other.

A sorority that calls themselves “siblings”? What’s that about?

We only recently began calling ourselves siblings. A few years ago, we called ourselves sisters, but after a lot of consideration and thought, we decided to change to “siblings” in order to be more inclusive. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of Greek Life, and took it upon ourselves to be the change we want to see.

By being siblings, we open our arms to students who do not fall within the traditional gender binary and who may not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth. This does not mean we can accept everybody (as we are not co-ed), but we welcome all cis women, trans women, and nonbinary people to join us during recruitment to see if Greek Life is right for them!

For specific questions/clarifications, feel free to contact our President, Katie, at kcc4@geneseo.edu

What about hazing?

Hazing is any action taken or any situation created intentionally that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule and risks emotional and/or physical harm to members of a group or team, whether new or not, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.” (hazingprevention.org)

Alpha Delta Epsilon sorority is strongly committed to an anti-hazing program, and we have taken steps to eliminate any dangerous remnants of hazing in our sorority. These include:

Removing any and all actions/processes that could do physical or mental harm to our new members,

Creating new traditions where equality, respect, and kindness are emphasized,

Getting rid of words with connotations to hazing and replacing them with others:

Pledge changed to New Member

Pledging changed to New Member Education

Pledge Mistress changed to New Member Educator

Rush changed to Recruitment